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Education Scam Alert: Shocking Changes to NEET 2024

Kartikay Choudhary,

Mewar Law Institute

Education Scam Alert: Shocking Changes to NEET 2024

NEET 2024 Scandal Unfolds Amid Allegations of Paper Leaks and Irregular Results the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) 2024 has been thrown into scandal as it is alleged that the examination papers were leaked, students cheated, and scores were manipulated. In May, a scandal broke out that casts a shadow on one of India’s most important medical entrance exams, raising serious concerns about the country's education system.

Allegations of Paper Leaks and Cheating

When news came out that some individuals were assisting in cheating for a considerable amount, it was the first indication that something may be wrong. Among them is a schoolteacher and an overseas educational consultant who allegedly aided sixteen students to cheat on the exam by giving them leaked question papers. The charges against these individuals were revealed by the National Testing Agency (NTA), which launched investigations after receiving numerous complaints from both parents and students. It was claimed that during the exam, garbage was used to relay answers to candidates. This well-organized enterprise demonstrated serious loopholes in NEET examination protocols, which advocates warn need immediate attention.

Flags Raised by Suspicious Scores

The controversy deepened because the NEET 2024 results showed an unusually large number of perfect and near-perfect scores. Particularly, there were 67 students with marks of 720/720, and many others had 718 or 719. This was quite troubling to teachers and authorities since these scores are scarcely found statistically. Suspicion of massive cheating was further heightened by the clustering of these high scores around certain exam centers. These results were highly questionable due to the harsh marking scheme employed in the NEET examination, leading to more checks and a call for a thorough investigation.

Early Announcement of Results

However, the NTA move to announce NEET results before time has been interpreted as an attempt aimed at addressing what seemed like a potential scandal. The hurried release, together with the abnormally high cutoffs, only plunged this into greater doubt. Many students questioned the timing and transparency of the result announcement, arguing that it undermined the credibility of the examination process. The early announcement has increased calls for re-examination, coupled with a comprehensive review of NEET 2024 entirely.

NTA Grace Marks Explanation Flop

In explaining the high scores, NTA argued that some candidates had been given bonus marks because of issues such as insufficient time for an exam. This explanation was received with general doubt and criticism. For instance, many students, parents, and teachers dismissed it on the grounds that it inadequately addressed the larger problems brought to light by the scam. The NTA’s response has failed to dampen discontent but instead stirred more calls for transparency and accountability in examinations. The scandal has called for a thorough re-examination and deep investigation into allegations of malpractice.

Responses Across the Country with Calls for Change

The NEET 2024 scam has caused serious concerns in various parts of the nation. Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Education Minister, condemned these activities, vowing to take strict measures against the future recurrence of such cases. “We will not allow any breach of trust in our examination system. We shall act swiftly and decisively against anyone who undermines the integrity of NEET,” he said during a press conference on May 30th. Educational institutions as well as practitioners are also concerned. One major educationist, Dr. Ramesh Chandra, emphasized this point when he stressed systemic reforms. "The integrity of our examination system is at stake. This scandal highlights the urgent need for comprehensive measures to prevent such breaches in the future," he remarked.

Systemic Reformation Solicitation

Several recommendations have been made by experts in the wake of this scandal with a view to averting its recurrence:

  1. Enhanced Security Protocols: This will be done by bringing in biometric verification and advanced surveillance technologies at examination centers.

  2. Randomized Question Papers: Here, multiple sets of question papers will be developed and randomly distributed to reduce the possibility of leakage.

  3. Rigorous Vetting Processes: The vetting should go deep into the backgrounds of all staff taking part in the examination process.

  4. Transparency and Accountability: To address grievances and increase transparency in the examination process, there should be a clearly defined communication pathway.

The NEET UG 2024 has been embroiled in controversy regarding question paper leaks and result irregularities. As a result, a writ petition was filed by aspirants with the Supreme Court of India to re-conduct the examination. However, the apex court has refused to stop the result declaration or order for another test. They further claimed that the purported leakage and subsequent discrepancies had compromised the integrity of the examination. For instance, there were suspicions of cheating because it was reported that some centers recorded many students with perfect scores, but despite these apprehensions, the Supreme Court did not intervene in the admission process except for issuing a notice to the National Testing Agency on behalf of its claims. To address this situation, NTA has constituted a high-level committee that would probe the grievances of about 1,600 affected students. This includes issues like wrong question papers and OMR sheets where some students were awarded or given grace. As such, there have been widespread public and political outcries calling for an open inquiry into these alleged malpractices in order to ensure equity among all candidates.


The latest scandal involving NEET 2024 has revealed major problems in the current educational testing system. Short-term measures are being taken to rectify the situation and ensure that a fair re-examination is conducted, but ultimately, a strong, clear and safe examination framework should be developed. As more information becomes available in the ongoing investigation, it can be anticipated that this disgrace will serve as a watershed moment in efforts to effect real change. For India's educational integrity tomorrow, rebuilding trust within the system and ensuring there is no repetition of such breaches is crucial.


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