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Diplomatic Tensions Rise as Kyrgyzstan Faces Backlash Over Student Assaults

Akanksha Pandey,

Renaissance Law College, Indore

Bishkek,  Kyrgyzstan’s capital – may 18,2024 -Bishkek, has been dealing  massive mob violence for the last  few days with serious diplomatic tensions after of attacks on international students  foreign students, including those from India and important

What happened?

The incident has been occurred at 18 may  , a sequence of violent attacks targeted international students  happens in Kyrgyzstan,  specifically around the capital, Bishkek, and the city of osh . Most of the victim are from India ,Pakistan and Nigeria .it clearly indicates  a sense of fear , insecurity and anxiety among the students

Here Is all you need to know

What lead to violence? The trouble has started after a vedio of a fight kyrgyz students and foreign went viral on social media on May 13.the local community found it disrespectful and upset with foreign students

 Protest on May 17 – on the night [1]of May 17 many kyrgyz people protested in the street.accusing officials of showing ‘lenient treatment’ towards the foreigners involved in the fight .even though  the police stated that they had detained three student as soon as they were informed of the may 13 incident . After this, a huge mob started attacking international medical student ,causing injuries .

As per the local media report , some hostels students from medical universities in Bishkek, and  private residences accommodating international students, including those from Pakistan have been subject to attacks. [2]   The unrest is said to have stemmed from an incident of harassment involving female students from Egypt.  As per the NDTV  Reports  clearly indicate that tensions escalated after a video depicting a confrontation between Kyrgyz students and medical students from Egypt. Kyrgyzstan is known  for its beautiful landscapes and rich culture, Now  the country is  facing criticism and severe problems  from several nations due to these incidents. The assaults have mainly targeted foreign students studying in Kyrgyzstan, causing injuries and fear among those affected. As per the  media reports, at least 29 people were injured in the violence. Students from countries like India, Pakistan, and Nigeria have been victims of these violent attacks .

International responses The responses the government[3] of India ,Pakistan and  Nigeria have issued strong  statement relating to violence and demanded quick action from Kyrgyz authorities to protect their citizens  although they even urged Kyrgyzstan to investigate the incidents thoroughly and punish those who are  responsible .

India’s response to the violence That  Saturday advised Indian students in Bishkek to remain indoors following violent mobs’ targeting of foreigners. “We are in touch [4]with our students. The situation is now  calm, and the students are advised to stay indoors for the moment and get in touch with the Embassy in case of any issue,” the Indian embassy in Bishkek said in a statement.

Pakistan’s response to the violence   that  Embassy in Bishkek also issued an advisory for its students, asking them to stay indoors. As per the embassy’s statement, there have been reports of minor injuries to Pakistani students. Therefore till now   are no confirmed reports of deaths or rapes.

Kyrgyz Government response Kyrgyz officials have promised to take strong measures to prevent such attacks in the future. In response to the incident  President  Sadyr Japarov has  assured that the country is committed to ensuring the safety of all residents, including international students .

Current situation  Now the current situation  is normal and All Indian students are safe and they are requested to continue to follow the guidelines prescribed by authorities in the Kyrgyzsten   it is posted on Sunday on the Indian Embassy theat all the Indian students are safe and the situation is normal advising Indian nationals to contact the helpline number in case of any issue .

 Impact on students  With several universities attracting students from around the world, it’s crucial for the country to provide a safe and inclusive environment to maintain its appeal as a top study destination . The coming days will be important in seeing how the country handles the situation and works to ensure the safety of all the students

Future concern  The assault incident  in Kyrgyzstan  has not only highlighted concern about the safety of foreign students  but also  creates a sense of Fear among students. People are asking that whether the current safety measures are effective or not ? If it is then why it’s happened.  Country should  made  better protection and stronger policies to ensure the rights and security of foreign nationals. These attacks not even  damaged Kyrgyzstan’s reputation as a welcoming place for international students although  creates a environment of fear .


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